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CFC Qatar
18th Anniversary

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CFC Qatar 18th Anniversary

On Jan. 5, 2018 | 10:00am, Parish Church



CFC Youth for Christ aims to provide a Christian support environment for young teenagers between 13 to 21 years of age.

The program is oriented towards meeting the needs of our young people to belong, to be motivated, to be useful, to be good examples, to be Christian witnesses. It has put a premium on four characteristics: it is Fun ; it builds Friendships ; it enhances the Faith ; it allows the young Free , but responsible expression.

YFC is now established all over the Philippines as well as in cities and states of other countries around the world. It is in the community parishes, as well as in various high schools and universities.

Annually, for the last ten years, Youth for Christ gathers over 10,000 of its leaders all over the country and abroad in an International Leaders Conference during during summer. This is a focal event in the life of YFC, a time to celebrate God's goodness in the coming together of young brothers and sisters who love the Lord. The three-day weekend is highlighted by talks, creative and sports competitions, vibrant worship, wholesome entertainment, a Praise Parade, Praise Cruise and Praisefest.

YFC's future is directed towards giving the youth a worthwhile cause to support as we seek to address, in our small way, the plight of the poor and the less privileged and the social and environmental issues that trample on the youth's human dignity: abortion, drugs, fraternity violence, sexual immorality, corruption and even the rape of our natural resources.

To this end, we organized two programs:

"GAWAD KALINGA" where YFC seeks to address human poverty that limits opportunities of the majority of our young people. Our means tie up with the bigger CFC Work with the Poor thrust that has established a program for street children (SAGIP), youth rehabilitation (SIGA), and shelter improvement (TATAG).

"LAYA" where YFC seeks to create greater consciousness among our young of the need to stop the growing culture of death that deprives them of a bright future. Laya is the young's advocacy campaign to preserve the world God has created, good and beautiful, for them to inherit and subdue.

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