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CFC Qatar 18th Anniversary

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CFC Singles for Christ aims to provide a Christian support environment for single men and women who are as the crossroads of their state of life, choosing between marriage, a religious vocation, or single blessedness.

SFC is now established throughout the Philippines and in many key cities and states of other countries around the world.

Singles for Christ as a support environment:

    Teaches the individual the right values to build their future on;

    Surrounds the individual with friends who are well-meaning and have a positive influence;

    Provides the individual with opportunities to meet potential partners in life who believe in the same Christian goals and values;

    Involves the individual in service that prepares them for the responsibility of marriage and family life; and,

    Helps those with a vocation for the priesthood or religious life to discern their calling.

SFC uses a three-pronged evangelization approach: Attraction, Retention and Transition. Attraction establishes creative ways of bringing single men and women to community. Retention keeps members actively involved through community life experience and innovative formation. Transition involves the proper transition of youth to singles and singles to couples. p>

Pastoral guidance is extended to SFC members following CFC's vast network of households (a cell group of 10 to 12 members) led by a household head. Further, unit heads lead household heads, chapter heads lead unit heads and cluster heads lead chapter heads. A national council provides over-all direction.

AlAligning itself to CFC's thrust of "Building the Church of the Poor," Singles for Christ has taken on the SAGIP program of adoption, education and support of street children, starting off with Bagong Silang, the biggest relocation area of the city, which is the center of CFC's "Work with the Poor."

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