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CFC Qatar 18th Anniversary

On Jan. 5, 2018 | 10:00am, Parish Church



The CFC Servants of the Lord (SOLD) is the counterpart of the Handmaids for the men. As the male counterpart of HOLD, the members of SOLDS are overseas contract workers, some members of the military, single parents (widowers, separated or divorced), unmarried mature single men, married with wives working overseas of physically incapacitated.

VISION : "A Ministry for the Empowerment of Men For them to be Holy, Fulfilled and Productive"

CFC SOLD envisions itself:

• to be an inviting and vibrant community of men

• to be involved in evangelization and renewal

• to be serving in the various Social Ministries

• not to be an end of the line ministry, but a ministry in transition


• Bachelors, single men 40 years old and above

• Married men who are living apart from their wives and/or children or whose wives are not interested in joining the CFC community

• Widowers

• Separated


1. To strengthen the family by supporting the husbands and fathers who because of necessity are forced to live apart from their wives and/or children.

2. To support the widowers to be Christ-like in coping with being alone in life.

3. To give more Christian meaning and excitement to the life of single matured men.

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